When you are moving and obtain professional movers to help, there are a few things that you can do and other jobs that you likely shouldn’t do to help provide a smooth moving process. A simple move occurs when all parties work collectively which indicates that you need to know when you need to help and when you should step out of the way.
Below are things that your local moving company wants you to be aware of.

1) Nobody enjoys Surprises on Moving Day

This advice ought to be covered when you are receiving your moving quote, and it is uber critical, therefore it is worth noting. If you have bulky items, such as a piano, refrigerator, or perhaps a hot tub, that need to be moved, always communicate that to your moving company. Several bulky items may require special preparations, equipment, or men to move, so it is not a great idea to “surprise” your local or long-distance professional mover with unexpected belongings on a moving day.

2) Be Organized for the Mover’s Arrival

Do you live in a gated community or maybe an apartment complex with an elevator? Can the moving truck without issue gain access to your home? Take a few minutes before moving day to work through the details of where the moving truck will park and what the way to and from the moving truck looks like. If you have to get a parking or elevator pass from your building manager, be sure and handle it well ahead of time.

3) Finish Packing Ahead of Moving Day

When you complete your packing, ensure that it will be finished in advance of moving day. This means that all the boxes are taped shut and correctly labeled. To make things go even more rapidly, efficiently place your packed boxes in a central area in your house, for instance, the garage or the family room so that the local moving company workers can simply load them onto the moving truck.

Pro tip: Never use masking tape on your boxes. Use packing tape instead.
4) Never Put Heavy Items in Large Boxes

There are guidelines for what belongings to put in which size boxes for a reason. Adhere to these tips. Belongings that weigh a lot, such as books, need to be put in small boxes. Fairly light things, like pillows and sheets, can go in large boxes.

5) Plan to be Available on Moving Day

You or someone that you trust needs to be present for the whole moving day if your movers have any questions regarding which items they should and shouldn’t move. Plus, a trustworthy adult should be there to sign all the mover’s paperwork.

6) Let the Movers Work

You could think that you are helping when you lend a hand to move the hot tub, however, it is typically a better idea to not. You can direct the movers to the correct rooms and answer questions, but beyond that, let the long-distance professional movers do the heavy lifting and the move will zip along as smoothly as possible.

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