Corperate Moving Guide


Moving your business from one location to another can be daunting. The team at Early Bird Moving understands that keeping consistent services available to your clients is of the utmost importance. When you add the logistical hassle of moving all of your employees, equipment, and hardware – it can get tricky. Let us worry about the move for you.

Our team of experienced professionals skillfully handle both residential and commercial moves. We have multiple vehicles that range in size and offer professional packing and unpacking services. We provide extra attention and care to high-value technological equipment. 

Whether you’re moving across the street or to another province, we have you covered. We’ve also put together a guide pulled from our years of experience to help you get the process started in your office. 

Getting Started

Once you’ve advised your team of the upcoming changes, it’s time to start organizing. Ideally, this will take place about four to six months before your moving date. When it comes to commercial moving - efficiency and timing are the top priority. 

Your first step should be to designate an individual(s) to coordinate the move alongside you. Having a team to assist with the many logistical needs of corporate moving reinforces a team atmosphere and lightens the load for everyone.

With your moving team, take care to review administrative items such as:

  • Your lease. Will you be breaking it early? Consider any penalties you may incur and inform your landlord that you’ll be vacating as soon as possible.
  • Advise your insurer of your move and purchase additional transport coverage if necessary.
  • Contact your utility providers to put a move or disconnection order to ensure a smooth transfer of services.


Tips For Your Commercial Move

Around the two to three month checkpoint, let your clients and customers know of the upcoming changes. Early Bird understands that client focus is vital for any business; it puts supper on the table and keeps employees on the payroll. 


Consider sending out an email blast, regularly scheduled social media reminders, or send regular mail letting them know how they can contact you during the move.


Here are a few more items to tick off of your list:

  • Consider donating or selling computer hardware, desks, or other office equipment that you no longer use. 
  • Decide how available you’ll be on that day. Will you still accept client calls? Set up a makeshift desk at the new place as soon as you reasonably can? Designate a team member or take it upon yourself.

At the one month mark and counting, you should be packing up unused equipment, fragile and sensitive items, and emptying filing cabinets. 


Start an organized list of employee workstations and have them pack up any personal items. Make a note of their computer serial numbers and any other employee-specific equipment that will need tracking. 


If you have a building manager or share space with other commercial tenants be sure to advise them of your moving date so they can minimize any potential disruption to their businesses. 

Things will start to feel a bit more real at this point. This step involves plenty of administrative tasks.


Be sure to book accommodations if the move is out of town with a gap before taking possession of your new home. Book refundable rates with plenty of wiggle room should you need to make adjustments.


Contact prospective insurance brokers to organize tenancy insurance or homeowner’s insurance as well as automotive. If you’re not switching providers, be sure to update them of your new address and contact information as soon as possible. 


If you’re switching family doctors, be sure to ask your current family doctor for recommendations in your new area or place yourself on your new province’s waiting list if applicable. 


Corporate Moving – Think Ahead

Call us today at Early Bird Moving to start coordinating your commercial move. Our experience and attention to detail make us a cut above the competition. 

We exercise care and discretion for devices that may show or contain sensitive information. Please advise us in advance of any special accommodations that you may require.

We offer flexible rates, commercial moving packages to suit your needs and a high level of professionalism. We know that commercial moves are quite a different beast than residential moves. Your team at Early Bird Moving is here to help.