Are you planning a local move to a new home in your city? Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, you are ready for a new adventure with a local moving company in Calgary or Edmonton.

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2 men + 1 truck + 1 hour travel time


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4 men + 1 truck + 1 hour travel time


                                                           2 men + 1 truck + 1 hour travel time

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3 men + 1 truck + 1 hour travel time


                                                           4 men + 1 truck + 1 hour travel time

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Professional Movers in Edmonton and Calgary

Early Bird Moving Solutions provides efficient, safe and speedy moving services so you can get settled in your new home as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Moving is an art — but it can come with its fair share of stressors and concerns. After all, you are moving your entire life from one space to another. We understand what our customers are going through, which is why we work to maximize the excitement and minimize the stress. 

Our house movers in Edmonton and Calgary work to have you put your feet up and relax. Don’t spend the moving day in a fluster and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Take the stress out of your relocation. 

Our residential moving team is excited to assist if you are seeking home movers in Calgary or Edmonton.

No Job is Too Big or Small

Are you moving to a mid-sized apartment or a large home? Whether you have furniture to fill a 500 sq ft space or a 3000 sq ft space, our local movers in Calgary and Edmonton can help. We are proud to take on jobs of any size and leave you with peace of mind. 

Our team is licenced and insured to bring you the best customer service possible. Whether you are looking to move a condo, apartment, single-family home or retirement home, our trustworthy and respectable team will help make your move a seamless and stress-free process. 

Our Local Moving Guarantee

Our team assures you that there will be no hidden fees. We work diligently to provide an exact estimate, so you know exactly what you are spending upfront. 

Our team always provides on-time, insured, licensed and bonded services. Don’t spend your moving day stressed out and overwhelmed. Our team works with you to make the entire experience an easy and rewarding one. 

Our trucks are squeaky clean and our team is made up of uniformed and friendly movers. Have the peace of mind as soon as we step foot into your home. If you have any questions about the process, we will be happy to provide guidance.

Other Services

It’s great that you have decided to hire movers, but do you feel like you need a little extra help to prepare for the big move? Good news! Early Bird Moving Solutions has a full range of moving services to ensure that you are supported in whatever way you need.


Packing is an art. It can be difficult to safely and adequately pack, wrap and protect your belongings. When it comes to a move, you need to know that the mirror you love and the china passed down from your grandmother are safe. 


Trust our team to carefully pad, wrap and pack your items and get them to your new residence without harm.

Emergency Moves

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes it means you have a last-minute move to plan for. However, don’t fret — our emergency movers in Edmonton are ready to serve you, even on a tight timeline.


Call Early Bird Moving Solutions for last minute movers in Edmonton and Calgary to complete the job.

Long Distance Moves

Are you not staying in the same town or city? Don’t worry — our team can also coordinate long distance movers in Calgary and Edmonton. Regardless of your end location, we can help simplify the moving process for you.

long distance moving company in Calgary and Edmonton can also make sure your personal belongings are packed properly for the long move.

Our Values

Our moving services in Edmonton and Calgary are unmatched in quality, transparency and customer service.


We pride ourselves on having integrity. We have become a pillar in the community for comfortable, stress-free moves where you don’t have to worry about a thing.


From the time you request an estimate from us to the time you are settled into your new home, you can be sure that we are handling our business with the utmost transparency.


Early Bird Moving Solutions has hired the most professional, strong and hardworking team members for the job.


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